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ion pair reagents

Ion Pair Reagents

Ion Pair Chromatography was developed to allow the separation of complex mixtures of polar and ionic molecules, which often are not well separated by ion exchange chromatography.
CARLO ERBA Reagents selected ion pair reagents most commonly used for your basic samples.


Change in the denaturing process of ethanol

A new text of the European Commission (no. 162/2013) - applicable from July 2013 - amends the regulations by creating an Eurodenaturant which replaced the French P.G.



Volumetric solutions

Carlo Erba Reagents improves its standard solutions ready for use:
- Accuracy as + / - 0.1%
- Reference and traceability S.R.M. of N.I.S.T.
- Exact title of the lot noted on the label and the certificate of analysis.
- Capping ISO 45, adaptable to automatic titrator 1L HDPE bottles.
-Available in 1L, 5L and 10L Kubidos.

Preparation and analysis of sample in HPLC

Leader on the market of solvents for chromatography and trace analysis, Carlo Erba Reagents extended its range of solvents for HPLC in order to satisfy the ever more demanding requirements in terms of equipment and detection methods, particularly for impurities which, by interaction, can affect the result’s reliability.

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